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At Elephant Moto we are passionate about what we do and we hope that many people can enjoy Costa Rica as we do. As part of BMW Motorrad we work with high standards to maintain a continuous quality service. All of our tours are led by experienced, well trained tour guides, who enjoy their job.
Does the rent price includes gear?
No, it does not include any type of gear. Each rider must bring their helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, etc. We only rent helmets for $15 per day as per availability.
What’s the payment options?
  • 50% of total amount must be deposit to secure the bike availability and gear if selected.
  • 50% payment upon arrival with credit card Visa o Mastercad.
  • $500 USD down payment of the total price is required to secure spot and bike selection.
The outstanding payment of the tour price shall be made without any additional request 60 days before the start of the tour upon delivery of the tour documents
What’s the payment method?
Wire transfer and payment over the phone with credit card Visa or Mastercard.
What kind of motorcycle experience do I need to rent a bike?
It takes experience of handling of motorcycles of high displacement; greater than 600 cc.
What is the $2000 deposit for?
It is to cover any damage you may cause to the bike, also in case of an accident that will be the deductible amount the rider will have to leave fully to cover the damages.
How many tour guides are assigned to each tour?
Depending on the motorcycle number a minimum of one experienced tour guide will accompany the tour. Additionally, one van driver will accompany the tour and drive the support van if this service is included in the tour.
Which language do the tour guides speak?
Our tour guides are almost all bilingual, (Spanish/English).
Does every trip include a leader with experience on the route?
At least one Elephant Moto tour guide has led the trip before or scouted the route several times.
How long do we have to ride each day?
This depends on the tour. On most tours we start out at 9 am and arrive at our hotel for the night at 5 pm. Exact details about the time spent riding and the type of terrain that is to be covered you will find in the tour details.
What about the daily riding distances?
The daily riding distances depends on the tour character and vary from 200-350 km. Detailed information are found in the individual tour descriptions.
What hotel and meal quality does the company provide, and does it suit your style of travel?
Elephant Moto always seeks high quality lodging and cuisine that reflects the character of the area in which we travel. We have cultivated relationships with fine hotels and restaurants.
Do the guests need to transport their luggage on the motorcycle?
On most Elephant Moto tours there is a support van which transports the luggage. Most motorcycles have luggage systems for small items such as rain gear and photo/ video equipment.
Will there be a tour briefing?
Yes, every morning after breakfast we shall talk about the route and possible alternative routes.
Can non motorbike riders also take part in the tour?
Of course, there is always room in our chase vehicle.
What will we do on the days off?
The relaxation days are spent in extremely beautiful areas or in cultural, often historic centers. These days are primarily planned for recuperation and can be used individually by each person (site-seeing, relaxing, strolling around). Naturally there are also tour suggestions for motorbike trips in the area, or we can take a ride together.
Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?
Yes, it is compulsory to wear a helmet.
Are vaccinations necessary in order to enter Costa Rica?
No, special vaccinations are not necessary in order to enter Costa Rica.
What should I take with me?
Passport, Driving License, Medical Insurance Card.Motorbike-gear: Motorbike protective gear, waterproof gear (easily storable combos are the best for transport).Personal items
How much money will I need on the tour?
You will need money for snacks, drinks and individual activities. A valid credit card will also be necessary for the deposit (see Rental motorbikes).
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